Adam Blunt

24y/o geek

Hey There

My name is Adam Blunt. I am a proud british geek. mostly into networking now days but used to love making websites. I guess this is one of them.

This site is one of many. Almost all of the sites I make are hand coded because WordPress+a generic theme is boring and lazy (not to mention usually slow and insecure) as of 2019 this site is now hosted on a domain I am very proud to own as I not only support LGBT but am also part of it hence the rainbows all over the place.

I am all over the internet if you want to see more of me or maybe even contact me

You can contact me via email You can also optionally encrypt your email with my public key 804A FAF3 A38E EB39 C35E 7ED1 5E3B 8445 672A C197 You can also find me on Keybase @admblnt